Sustainability & Signage

The team at Viscom believes in a greener future with our partners in development projects. As the demand for sustainable buildings increases, we are expertly equipped to meet your eco-friendly development needs. Our process ensures that we are deliberate about materials sourcing, energy usage, manufacturing, and delivery. Above all, we are proud that our products can contribute to long term sustainability. 

Guided by modern sustainable practices, we work to make your project as efficiently as possible, resulting in a sustainable standard for signage manufacturing. The sourcing of raw materials for a building and installment techniques make up a project’s LEED score. Since these aspects also affect signage, our operations are carried out to meet the level of quality for achieving the building’s desired LEED score. 

How we achieve sustainability through Products 

Sustainable Materials, Recycling, Efficient Energy and Lighting use, Longevity of Products, Flexibility, Adaptability

  • Use of sturdy and long-lasting HDU foam which lasts up to four times longer than other popular materials
  • Use of paints with minimal VOC, and improved environmentally-friendly formulas
  • Creation of ADA Compliant products using our 3D printing technology, PrintPoylmer, saving materials and usage of energy (compared to PhotoPolymer which produces an excess of chemicals)
  • Products comprised of recycled matter with quality to last
  • Aluminum is provided by American Metals Supply, and Eastern Metal Supply
  • Diligent recycling initiatives for unutilized materials such as acrylic and aluminum
  • LED lights to illuminate properties for a fragment of prior energy use, plus using timers
  • Supplied by Principal LED

    How we implement these Practices 

    Environmentally Safe Manufacturing, Air Quality, Waste Governance and Disposability, Modularity and Waste Reduction

    • Decreased manufacturing times – Our methodical project management operations let us know the exact amounts of materials we need
    • Obtain most used items in bulk
    • Generic base builds
    • Recycling of all matter, from aluminum to acrylic
    • Zero-waste water facilities
    • Invest in fabrication technology for more efficient manufacturing, specifically PrintPolymer and our laser cutters
    • Create all products in-shop to lower travel emissions and energy costs
    • Methodical shipping to reduce the carbon effects on our environment from transport
    • Completely digital operations among project managers, in-shop orders, and customers
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        Maintaining sustainable signage manufacturing practices is a priority. Our employees have come together to ensure our efforts are constantly advancing. Furthermore, Viscom is always improving our construction processes for sustainability. We have green solutions for our materials and sourcing, down to installation. In order to track our initiatives, we have joined forces with the Green Business Bureau. We want to be a trusted sustainable partner. 

        Let’s ensure your signage will last for years to come. 

        If you are looking for a signage partner that can enhance your eco-friendly project and help attain a LEED v.4 certification, speak with one of our project managers today.