Buying wholesale Channel Letters should be about the easiest thing a sign company can do to improve its profitability.

Illuminated channel letters above restaurant entrance, reading "Chick-A-Biddy"


Viscom Wholesale Signage has bought-out or hand made its Channel Letters for 15 years.  Like you, we use them all the time. Channel letters are one of the most used elements in custom signage. Virtually everyone in the United States has experienced channel letters. Just drive down the street and you can see hundreds of examples in a short time. They are manufactured in various fonts, sizes, and configurations and can be illuminated or not. They can standalone or be incorporated as a sub-assembly into a larger sign.


It is difficult to find a reliable wholesale Channel Letter supplier. There are a few good ones out in the market, but a very few. We regularly experienced slow quoting, slow deliveries, poor quality, not built to specification, and wildly variable pricing. Even some of the best-known vendors would be good on one order and then poor on the next. Channel Letters were a huge headache.


Reliability in Channel Letters seems to be straightforward. What we look for is no different than what everyone else looks for…a wholesale channel letter provider that does what the promise to do at a fair price. And when they cannot satisfy the customer’s needs, they know their business well enough to quickly communicate so we can move on to another provider.

Here are our five expectations of wholesale reliability:

  1. Standards that ensure both parties know what they are purchasing
  2. Quick quotes by the promised date
  3. Quick deliveries by the promised date
  4. Quality build – construction and finish – to the agreed specifications
  5. Predictable pricing


The answer became increasingly clear to us as it has to many. In 2021 we invested in the people, processes, and technologies to in-house our Channel Letter production. It has been a great decision allowing us to improve our reliability to you, our wholesale customers.

We created simple standards for Channel Letters. Our standardized catalog in our NetSuite ERP system and standardized designs in SharePoint, our cloud-based library, ensure that both of us know exactly what will be built.

We can turn quotes in a few hours, even deliver product in as little as a few weeks (Varies depending on prior commitments of capacity).

As much as we love our fabrication capabilities (we do light and heavy fab), the quality of the automated bending equipment is fantastic. Our employee training and quality assurance programs target a 100% correct first-time, all the time goal.

We price by Channel Letter type and by the linear inch. It is a simple system, and it works.


Buying wholesale channel letters should be straightforward. Making wholesale channel letters should be straightforward. You deserve a reliable wholesale channel letter vendor.

About Us

Viscom Wholesale Signage is working hard every day to be your most reliable provider of wholesale ADA, wayfinding, monument, light fabrication, and heavy fabrication signage.

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