One of our long time partners landed a sign package for a new 120 unit apartment complex in downtown Tampa. This new project was built around a 100 year old landmark, the St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church. Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall and Bill Clinton have all spoken at it’s pulpit. The developers preserved this landmark and turned it into 15,000 sq. ft. of community space including a play area for children, a fitness center and the property management office.

 When we first saw the sign designs, we were very happy to see a unique and original design package that we love turning into reality. Here are a few pictures of the designs and the actual finished signs installed.

Main ID Sign – Blade Sign

blade sign

Parking Garage Signs
and Headache Bars

garage signage headache bar sign
garage signage headache bar sign

Wall Mounted Building ID

wall mounted building ID

Stair ID Sign

stair id signage sign

Directional Sign

directional sign

“In Case of Fire” Sign

in case of fire sign warning sign

Unit ID Sign

unit id sign

Stairwell Sign

stairwell sign ada panel