Buccament Bay Resort

One of our partners is working with a large resort company in the UK that built a 5 star resort in St. Vincent, located in the very waters that the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

The property needed an “all inclusive” sign package ranging from room number signs to way finding and directional signage, main building wall signage, store and boutique signage, pool and spa signage, you get the idea…

Buccament Bay Resort monument
Buccament Bay Resort ada panel signage

The room signs were made using layered laser cut acrylic with Grade 2 raster braille. A very unique design incorporating the property’s logo.

The entire sign package was designed by the property’s design team and incorporated some unique designs for their directional signage.

Buccament Bay Resort wayfinding panel signage
Buccament Bay Resort signage

An aluminum wall mounted sign with white LED halo lighting attached to the back side.

We made aluminum panels with their cross hatch design for use throughout the property.

Buccament Bay Resort signage
Buccament Bay Resort

Custom welded aluminum wall brackets for mounting some hanging signs.

he property has several retail shops to cover all their guests vacation needs. The hanging signs were fabricated using aluminum with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Indigo dive hanging signage
mounted wall signage

The shops also had a wall mounted signs made using 3/4″ clear acrylic with beveled and flame polished edges and translucent etch digital prints.

These signs were mounted to the face of the building using stainless steel standoffs.

mounted wall signage
panel signage

Custom post and panel signs were fabricated using welded aluminum tubing with custom mounting plates that were bolted into the concrete.

All welds were ground, sanded and filled for a clean looking connection.

Buccament bay resort panel signage
directional panel signage

Directional signage all painted and ready for crating.

A few of the building ID signs were fabricated using solid surface material (Corian). We fabricated the units on top of an structural aluminum frame.

Buccament bay resort building id signage
Buccament bay resort building id signage

All copy and graphics were CNC routed into the surface and paint filled, after which everything was clear coated for extra durability.