add value to rental properties with multifamily sign packages monument sign

Multifamily rental properties are a growing national trend. CBRE Research predicts that multifamily investment will continue to increase in 2021 to $148 billion dollars – 33% above the 2020 estimate. By developing relationships with key stakeholders in rental properties and becoming their go-to signage provider, you will be able to capitalize on this growing opportunity. Whether it is for new construction or rebranding existing properties, being a signage provider provides limitless opportunities for increasing your revenue.   

Taking the Plunge

Multifamily sign packages may seem daunting due to the product diversity of a single proposal: monument signs, wayfinding signs, unit numbers, amenity signs, parking assignments, and more. Sign package proposals for multifamily properties can include hundreds of signs. As the signs all have the same key features, the effort to pursue multifamily properties is justified: with diligent design work, profitability skyrockets.

add value to rental properties with multifamily sign packages panel sign

Since most multifamily property signs will be relatively identical, your team can spend less time by creating a single overarching design for hundreds of signs. Compare this to starting several smaller projects from scratch. For example, residential unit numbers are designed once, and then only the combination of numbers will change; one design, many signs.  

Keep It Cost-Effective

When approaching your client with a design proposal, we have observed that flexibility with materials will allow you to win bids through value-engineered design. Most rental property managers are looking for the best design for the best price. Cost-effective materials that allow for a high level of design aesthetic include aluminum, acrylic, and PVC. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive and is great for exterior wayfinding due to its durability through many kinds of weather. Furthermore, acrylic, which is about a third of the cost of photopolymer, provides a polished look when used for interior signage.

An additional bonus of acrylic material is that it can also be used for ADA compliance through tactile and braille wayfinding. Lastly, when using PVC, you can create 1-2 dimensional designs without a large upcharge for your client. Such a wide array of options is enabled by Viscom’s extensive access to these materials. Even if we do not have the exact materials that you desire, our expert consultants can provide guidance on alternative design options in a cost-effective way – without sacrificing durability or visual appeal.

Our Proven Process

Viscom is here to assist your sign company with the potentially intimidating needs of a multifamily sign package. We are a leading wholesale sign company which has completed hundreds of multifamily sign packages over the past 15 years. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is built to handle these substantial projects with ease. Using sophisticated enterprise software and project management tools, we have refined a consistent and reliable workflow that maximizes the efficiency, quality, and success of our projects.

add value to rental properties with multifamily sign packages panel sign

With dedicated staff, a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, and years of experience in wholesale signage, Viscom is ready to fulfill your clients’ needs. To learn more about how we can partner and begin pursuing multifamily properties, please reach out to [email protected]. To read about how our business partners at Illinois Avenue Partners use their investment strategies to increase profitability, visit